Chin Implants

Individuals with receding chins often feel that their profile looks off balance as the nose may appear overly accentuated due to a weak chin profile. Those seeking rhinoplasty (nose surgery) are often advised to consider a chin implant in conjunction with nose surgery if the surgeon assesses that this would achieve a more balanced profile.

The procedure for chin augmentation consists of an implant inserted through a tiny incision in the natural crease beneath the chin to increase dimensionality. It is quick and simple for a surgeon to perform, and results in a more prominent jawline for the patient, harmonizing the face and neckline.

The implant is made of a soft silicone material that mimics natural chin tissues so is imperceptible to the touch. After 3 to 5 days, patients are healed and look presentable. A properly placed implant stays secure in position once healing is complete and should last a lifetime.

Cheek Implants

Some individuals have flat cheek bones or develop sunken cheeks with age. Others may develop this appearance after an injury. These individuals may benefit from cheek implants which can enhance the cheekbones, making them smoother and/or more pronounced.

At Kuy Plastic Surgery, we offer two types of cheek implants. A malar implant provides patients with more prominent cheekbones, whereas a submalar implant gives more volume to a sunken cheek. The implants are made of a malleable silastic material that provides a very natural appearance and carry no risk of rejection.

Incisions for both the malar and submalar cheek implants are made inside the mouth under the upper lip. Patients are placed under twilight anesthesia for the surgery. Bruising is rare and swelling subsides in 3 to 5 days.