Chemical Peels: Reveal Refreshed, Youthful Skin

Do you find yourself with skin damage resulting from sun exposure, wrinkles, acne scars, or blemishes? Do you prefer a non-surgical approach? Then chemical peels may be the right option for you. While mild discoloration can be treated with a lighter chemical peel, acne scars and wrinkles will most likely need a deeper peel.

Our most popular peels are the 35% TCA peel and the 89% phenol peel. Downtime is less than a week but some redness may stay around for a few more weeks after while the skin continues to heal itself. Our deeper peels include the popular Hetter Peel and the Baker-Gordon peel.

When it comes to peels, the results you receive aren’t temporary. With just one session, you can have your skin looking refreshed and youthful with the results lasting a lifetime. For deeper wrinkles and scars you may need to repeat the medium peel for maximum effect. The good thing about lighter chemical peels is that they are mostly pain-free. The process may sting a bit but nothing major. The deeper peels may sting more, however, and will have a greater chance of swelling and irritation.

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Lindsey Erickson – NP


Lindsey is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at The Ohio State University in 2010. She received her master’s degree and family nurse practitioner certification in 2013 from the University of Cincinnati. Lindsey has worked in aesthetic medicine for eight years and aspires to help patient’s achieve their self-improvement goals by enhancing their natural beauty. She and her husband have two children. In her free time, she enjoys camping and boating with her family.

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