Safeguarding Your Skin as You Age

Summer is the season of skin – we show more off while also being more conscious of protecting it from the sun. While summer brings shorts, bathing suits, and tank tops out of storage, we should all be encouraged to also pull out our sunhats and sunscreen.

Our Skin Changes as We Age

Have you ever wondered why our skin changes as we age? When we’re young, our ski stays smooth and tight because skin cells, collagen, and elastin regenerate very quickly. As we age, the natural process of renewal happens more slowly, so our skin begins to lose its firmness in places we wish it wouldn’t.

Of course, the other major culprit in altering our skin as we age is the sun. Time in the sun increases pigment production (which ultimately leads to age spots), and breaks down elasticity in our skin (which causes fine lines and wrinkles).

Smokers are at risk for early aging (in addition to a host of health problems). The same way inhaling smoke causes blood vessels throughout your body to constrict, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients, it causes capillaries near the surface of our skin to tighten, ultimately causing rapid aging in the form of wrinkles and discoloration.

Slow the Aging Process

There are some simple routines that can help slow the effects of aging, such as:

  • Use high quality moisturizer daily and pay special attention to areas of delicate skin that may not produce a lot of natural oils, such as around your eyes and near your mouth.
  • Always use sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least 30, even when it’s cloudy or you don’t expect to spend much time outside. Remember to reapply every two hours when you do spend the day in the sun.
  • Use a retinoid cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A derivative a vitamin A, retinoid stimulates the production of collagen and thickens skin, which gives a smoother, tighter appearance.

We offer many excellent procedures to help your skin regain its youthful appearance, from eyelid lifts to full facelifts. Call our offices for more information about protecting your skin as you age and reversing the damage that can’t be avoided.

Lindsey Erickson – NP


Lindsey is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at The Ohio State University in 2010. She received her master’s degree and family nurse practitioner certification in 2013 from the University of Cincinnati. Lindsey has worked in aesthetic medicine for eight years and aspires to help patient’s achieve their self-improvement goals by enhancing their natural beauty. She and her husband have two children. In her free time, she enjoys camping and boating with her family.

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