Publication: Venue Magazine July 2015

Date: July, 2015

Author: Brian Planalp - Photography by Daniel Smyth

Dr. Daniel Kuy, based out of his new Hyde Park practice in the Rookwood Exchange building, attends European medical conferences for plastic surgeons, which gains him early exposure to promising new procedures and technologies prior to their arrival in the U.S.

During a recent visit at such a conference in Paris, Kuy made acquaintance with the Norwegian engineers behind the new Nordlys laser, built by Ellipse. What fascinated him most was their commitment to building a machine that was both incredibly versatile and build to last.

“Most other companies build in ‘consumables’ so that every time you treat a patient with their machine you need to use a special adapter or a special applicator for the skin. They want to be a part of your business, but this only increases cost for the consumer. That is how they produce extra revenue for the shareholder,” says- Kuy, eschewing the culture of planned obsolescence that defines many modern products.

Ellipse takes a different approach. With low lifecycle costs and a focus on painless treatments that don’t require extra numbing products, the Nordlys is built to last. “It will survive me. That’s how Europeans build things,” says Kuy. “Now instead of needing five lasers, I have one system that can address almost all common skin problems.”

Ellipse lasers are designed to treat spider veins, age spots, acne, vascular lesions, wrinkles and perform hair removal. Its unique sub-millisecond pulses focus energy emissions into specified wavelengths just nanometers across, representing significant progress over other systems and allowing for a more comfortable treatment experience.

“We didn’t cut any corners with that contemporary style. It’s all designed to last.”

– Daniel Kuy, MD

Kuy was impressed with outcomes achieved by his European colleagues utilizing Ellipse lasers. He will be the first in Greater Cincinnati to receive the Nordlys machine featuring the newest generation of Ellipse lasers following its imminent approval by the FDA.

Kuy opened his solo practice on May 4, 2015 in a premier Hyde Park location. There his twenty years of experience in breast and body contouring, facelifts, eyelid surgeries, chemical peels and wrinkle treatments with Botox and fillers will be supported by two expert skin care specialists.

Kuy Plastic Surgery prefers to recommend medical-grade skin care products, which penetrate deeper than over-the-counter products to deliver nutrients where new skin cells develop and truly rejuvenate your complexion.

Kuy’s practice has an advantage over salons or medispas, which generally have less physician supervision than medical practices. “Many skin care and laser treatments bear risks,” he says, and best outcomes require medical knowledge and judgement. “If we can provide care in a comfortable, relaxed and elegant environment, and have a physician on site and available at all times, that’s ideal.”

The environment at Kuy Plastic Surgery is indeed comfortable. Kuy, who also has a solo plastic surgery practice in his home country of Switzerland, designed the Hyde Park office with a modern European aesthetic. The space is bright, the walls curve around you and the details, fixtures and furniture have a sophisticated appeal. The surrounding area is walkable, lively and offers his clients popular shopping and dining amenities.

Your surgical experience has been well considered in planning. In Kuy’s surgical suite, Swiss standards of cleanliness and order prevail. You will awaken to a Swiss mountain panorama in your plush recliner, feeling secure and safe with the attentive care you receive from Kuy’s skilled and compassionate nursing and anesthesia team.

Lindsey Erickson – NP


Lindsey is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at The Ohio State University in 2010. She received her master’s degree and family nurse practitioner certification in 2013 from the University of Cincinnati. Lindsey has worked in aesthetic medicine for eight years and aspires to help patient’s achieve their self-improvement goals by enhancing their natural beauty. She and her husband have two children. In her free time, she enjoys camping and boating with her family.

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