What is a Mommy Makeover?

If you’re curious about a mommy makeover, then the first thing we need to tell you is: congratulations! The birth of a child is a wonderful occasion, bringing joy to your family and enriching your life. But it can also bring on surprising changes to your body that are very difficult to alter—even with careful diet and additional exercise.

Technically a mommy makeover isn’t one particular procedure—it varies greatly from one woman to the next—but the overall idea is helping women return to their pre-baby body quickly. Often women who are interested in regaining their pre-baby figure engage with a surgeon on a series of procedures that remedy specific problem areas that arise during and after pregnancy. This might include a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and liposuction.

Motherhood is more than a full-time job, and a lot of new moms find it difficult to carve out time for exercise in order to get rid of leftover belly fat—particularly when the results from exercise just aren’t the same as they used to be. Sometimes it’s not fat that’s causing your residual baby belly, it’s loose skin, which won’t go away with any number of crunches or Pilates classes. As stomach and abdominal muscles loosen to accommodate a growing baby, muscle tone is lost and skin is stretched (although no one needs to explain this to a new mom!), which can make it impossible to loose that last little bit of muffin top. This is why lots of women choose to have a tummy tuck, which removes excess fat and tightens up skin around the belly for a youthful, pre-baby silhouette.

Breast enhancement can mean augmentation or a breast lift, depending on what a patient’s goals are. Breast augmentation improves the volume and size of breasts, while a breast lift reshapes the breasts after they have begun to sag, droop, or change in size. Most often, women opt for one of these surgeries after having breastfed children.

While similar to a tummy tuck, liposuction differs in that it removes fat from anywhere on the body, not just the stomach and abdomen. New mothers may find that they have stubborn fat deposits on their thighs, buttocks, or upper arms that don’t change with consistent diet and exercise. Liposuction can be a great solution to getting back to a slimmer figure that you can then maintain with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

If you’re considering a mommy makeover to regain your pre-pregnancy appearance, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to offer additional information on your options or to answer any questions you may have.

Lindsey Erickson – NP


Lindsey is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her bachelor’s degree in nursing at The Ohio State University in 2010. She received her master’s degree and family nurse practitioner certification in 2013 from the University of Cincinnati. Lindsey has worked in aesthetic medicine for eight years and aspires to help patient’s achieve their self-improvement goals by enhancing their natural beauty. She and her husband have two children. In her free time, she enjoys camping and boating with her family.

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